Four Alternative Ways to Take in Cannabis Concentrates

Four Alternative Ways to Take in Cannabis Concentrates

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If you're looking for a more powerful cannabis experience, then cannabis concentrates are the way to go. There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis concentrates, each with its own set of pros and cons. Let's explore four of the most popular: dabbing, vaporizing, edibles/cooking, and smoking.


The process of vaping involves heating a small piece of concentrate on a hot surface (usually made from titanium) and inhaling it through a water pipe or dab rig. Dabbing is one of the cleanest ways to consume concentrates because it doesn't involve burning anything or inhaling fumes or other toxins. It also allows for a much more potent hit than smoking alone, so it can be an efficient way to get the effects you want without having to use as much product. However, it does require specialized equipment that may not be accessible to everyone.


Vaping involves using an electronic vaporizer (or vape pen) that heats the concentrate just enough so that its cannabinoids are released in the form of vapor rather than combustion. This is another great option for those looking for a cleaner method of consumption since there is no combustion involved. Vaporizers also come in many sizes and sizes, so they are relatively easy to find and purchase. Plus, they don't require as much equipment as dabbing does. However, this method can be a bit more expensive upfront due to the cost of buying the actual device itself.


Edibles offer another unique way to enjoy cannabis concentrates—by eating them! Cannabis-infused edibles can be made at home by mixing your favorite concentrate with butter and adding it to your favorite recipes (think brownies). This method has become increasingly popular over time due to its ease and accessibility—you don't need any special equipment or ingredients; just your favorite cookbook! The downside here is that edibles tend to take longer for their effects to kick in compared with other methods, so you should always start with small doses until you know how your body will react.


Smoking cannabis concentrates is probably one of the oldest methods around but it's still widely used today due to its cost-effectiveness and availability. All you need is some cigarette paper (or even just an apple) plus some herb or concentrate that you want to smoke – no fancy equipment required! The downside here is that smoking can be harsh on the respiratory system due to the combustion process involved when lighting up your cigarette or bowl. Additionally, smoking generally delivers lower strength compared with other methods like vaping or dabbing read more since some cannabinoids are lost during combustion.

No matter what type of cannabis user you are – from a newbie smoker up to a seasoned veteran – there's sure to be at least one method on this list that will suit your needs and preferences when it comes time for consuming cannabis concentrates! Just make sure you do your research before getting started so you know what kind of setup works best for you and your lifestyle!

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